SMBRA Contact Details

This contact form can be used for members to contact the SMBRA Web Administrator, who will send the message to the Committee for their action.

This mailbox is monitored once every 10 days, so please be patient if you require a reply back from a committee member.  If you are expecting a reply and one is not received within 12 days, there is a possibility that your email has been placed into our Spam or Junk folder.  Regrettably we have no control over this and do not monitor this folder and you will therefore need to make alternative arrangements to contact the committee.

To ensure we do not receive SPAM, we need to make sure that you are human. To send an email, we will need you to tick the box below “I’m am not a robot” and complete any additional required action if shown on screen, prior to selecting the Send button.  Thank you for your understanding.

Once your email has been forwarded to the Committee, normally within 10 days and may include the Chair Person, the Secretary and the Treasurer, all references to the email received from you and communication will be deleted from the website server back-end.  This website does not collect or keep any information you provide when using this contact form, such as – Your Name, Your Contact Details or Your Email Address.  For further information on how the Committee members manage information you provide when using the contact form, please discuss this with them by attending a meeting.